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by Impact Cooling Solutions on Friday, 01 July 2016

The cooling towers are often found in industries and manufacturing units, which are basically the heat removal devices. These are used to transfer the process or used water heat to the surrounding atmosphere. Some of the common applications of cooling tower include the cooling of the circulatory water that are used in chemical plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, process plants, natural gas plants, semi conductor plants, food processing units and several other industrial facilities.  As said above, all the cooling towers are operated in the surrounding environment engrossed with water and steam and this is the reason why a majority of cooling accessories of these towers are made with high quality fiber or wood and similar is the story with cooling fan in these cooling towers.

The cooling tower fans are often in use in any industry, which can be 24 x 7 at a stretch of weeks or even months found amidst the corrosive atmosphere. This is the reason, why the performance of these fans reduces with time. Thanks to the corrosive atmosphere that surrounds the surface of these cooling tanks. This in turn hampers the efficiency of the cooling tower fan to a great extent, which result into a number of issues like improper cooling, higher power consumption for the cooling of water and non maintenance of the water temperature to name a few. At such junctures instead of finding the right solution, the people working with it tend to increase the fan blade angles. However, it is a gross mistake that people often commit at juncture just to increase the airflow. This in turn hampers the overall efficiency and also the durability of the cooling tower.

In order to overcome all these issues, you need to choose a cooling tower fan from a reputed manufacturer, which is known for providing high quality cooling tower fans giving the users a highly efficient and power saving solutions. When it comes to choosing the right cooling tower fans, the user is supposed to check the material as well. For instance choosing a cooling tower fan made up of fiber glass composite material can help in finding greater efficiencies, which is difficult to obtain with the conventional metallic material based fans. Perhaps this is the basic reason why more and more industry users are choosing for a hollow bladed FRP fans. You can therefore find the various industries adopting these material choices more than any other option for a number of applications.

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