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Create an Activity Event

You can create any activity starting from coffee drinking to bungee jumping, and invite active people in your area to join you. Just get loose and have fun with it.

There are 5 easy steps to create an activity event.


Step 1 - Set out privacy settings:

Public Activity - Fully visible, and free to join.

Event is visible to everybody via AJ search and anyone is free to join it. This activity is great for promoting your classes, parties or any other open social activities.

Private Activity - Fully visible, but not everybody can join.

Event is visible to everybody via AJ search, but it differs in a way that you have control over who will be joining you. This type of privacy setting is perfect for activities which have limited space availability.

Invites Only Activity - Not visible in AJ search and need an invitation from organiser to join.

This is perfect for private parties. Only invited people will be able to see this activity.

Step 2 - Name your activity event

Tell people in short what it is all about. Make it stand out from the crowd to get a good response with a name that is short and straight to the point. For example: "Cycling trip to Timbuktu - buddy needed".

Step 3 - Tag your activity

Activity tagging makes your events more visible to others. When fellow AJ members type keywords related to your tags, your activity will appear in their search results. You can enter many different "tags" and you can also propose new activity tags if they are not already on AJ's list. You can always change tags on the Activity Event Page using option Edit Activity. Tags are located in WHAT tab.

Step 4 - Specify place and activity event location

Step 5 - Add more information

This is where you add additional information such as the required clothing or equipment necessary for participation, any age restrictions, the difficulty or expertise level of your activity and if it is for males or females only.